Reviews from our clients and workshop delegates…..

Katya Fedkina reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****

Gaye Foster reviewed Social Media Consultancy4 ****
Really learnt so much in a short time, Such a benefit in advertising to have this knowledge. Never too late to understand how social media has its advantages in Real Estate. Well worth it, to do this course.

Grace Mckay reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
Thank you Andre and Van Rhyn . It was the most informative crush course on social media.I have gained a lot of information in such short time. Brilliant value for money.

Gillian Kemp reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
Congratulations Andre and Van Rhyn – Training programme is most informative and applicable to our everyday work in the business
An excellent investment in time and value for money. Captivating audience eager to practice all we have learnt. Thank you!

Gail Pelser reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
Excellent presentation, I learned so much and can’t wait to apply my new found knowledge. Thank you Andre and Van Rhyn.

Mervin Schneider reviewed Social Media Consultancy – 5 *****

Marion Lubbe reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
Training was extremely well presented. Andre and VanRhyn are most knowledgeable and helpful. Most definitely well worth it, also for beginners to fb.

Terry Cox reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
Very structured and informative training. Well worth attending.

Claire Goadsby reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
Great stuff – great content and necessary education for the new world of social media marketing. Thank you

Steven Heyns reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
The training was worth every cent. Information was presented in a well structured manner and I was able to implement what I learnt immediately. Thanks Andre and van Rhyn.

Brendon Funnell reviewed Social Media Consultancy – 5 *****
A really informative and eye opening look into Social Media Marketing! Time and money extremely well invested here. Thank you Andre.

Mary Teferi Mposula reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****

Penelope Kirkland reviewed Social Media Consultancy4 ****
Thank you, Andre, for the social media course in Hillcrest. I cannot believe how much we all gained out of just a few hours. Definitely great value. The refreshments and lunch was also an unexpected and added bonus.

Heidi Botha reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
Thank you for the very informative and interactive workshop which took place last Thursday at Butlers in Hillcrest. There is so much to learn that one day is a little too short but I learnt lots of new skills and look forward to using them going forward.

Megan Dwyer reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
A very big thank you to Andre and VanRhyn for a brilliant course that has given me the confidence to finally get going with my social media marketing. Lots of new skills learned, informative, interactive and well worth every cent.

Michelle Venter reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
Andre and VanRhyn, you guys rock! I learned so much from your workshop and will certainly be spreading the word

Marolien Schmidt reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
For a newbie this was mind blowing. It opened a whole new world of possibilities to me. Presentation was brilliant. A lot of info to process. Perhaps starting earlier to gain an hour might help. Thanks so much! Looking forward to level 2 next time.

Kelly-Ann Cruickshank reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
Thank you for an amazing seminar in PE today. I really learnt so much about social media and it was certainly money well spent.”

Hazel Nongoma Mtitshana reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
The workshop at Osner Hotel EL was very informative. I never realised the importance of social media marketing till I attended. I gained a lot of information. BIG UP to Andre and his team.

Bianca Grobbelaar reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
Very informative and to the point. Definitely walked away with a new set of skills to build and focus on. Will definitely attend if you are in town again. BIG thumbs up!

Cheri Lyon reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
Andre and Van Rhyn, Thank you for such an informative workshop, and your invaluable input!

Anadore Shearer reviewed Social Media Consultancy5 *****
Thank you, Andre and VanRhyn. You guys were awesome!

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